All our currently products are a result of our own development and continuous fine-tuning. Communication with the customer, prompt solution of emerged problems, and implementation of innovations into the product construction, as well as into the manufacturing procedures, are a foundation of our daily work.

A guarantee of the company??s further development is its strong position on the market, which can only be maintained if the company keeps on providing high quality products, prices as low as possible, and the shortest possible delivery terms.


For the future, KOVACO believes in only one main goal:


To achieve this goal, we strive to continuously improve our products and manufacturing procedures. A modern and well-organised production plant, it provides its employees with a prospect of stability and sustainable development.

Products selection


    Snow blower is the perfect winter clean-up tool. Blow snow off driveways, sidewalks or in those tight quarters where only skid-steer loader can effective work. Max. snow blowing distance is 15m.


    The bale handler attachment was designed for the agricultural market for stacking, depositing and manipulation and loading of bales. Claws form is radius for better snapping.


    Sweeper with waste collector is determined for routes, courts, parking places and other spaces sweeping from rubbish and dirt to waste collector and immediate loading on handling vehicle. In basic version is in price included the floating and three pieces of wheels for ideal grund copying.