Emphasis on product quality and the quality and flexibility of warranty and postwarranty service is one of the company??s main priorities. Both the manufacturing procedure and the distribution of products to customers are subject to stringent quality control according to the well-established production company management system ISO 9000:2008 resulting in superior quality parameters of the products. All products are certified according to CE European standards and GOST Russian standards. KOVACO employees are motivated to manufacture only quality products which comply with the requirements and customer expectations.

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Products selection


    Assembly-welding working place is intended for complet production of weldments. On the assembly desk is possible to fix welding fixtures and others necessary attaching elements.


    Angle brush allows fast and efficient cleaning of path, routes, parking places or warehouses. You can remove dirt, dried mud, sand or snow without damaging pavement surfaces. The angle brush replaces manual labour and can clean small or large area with less effort and in less time.

  • 4 IN 1 BUCKET

    Perform a wide variety of jobs with one attachment. 4 in 1 bucket is ideal for leveling, loading, digging, handling.