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The company KOVACO, spol. s r.o. in its production process emphasizes the reliability and high quality of its products. Its great competitive advantage is the constant expansion of production range of newly developed products, their dimensional board and a very flexible approach to addressing the needs of business partners. The introduction of optimization of technological and logistics company offering customers short delivery times, attractive competitive prices and supply products directly to the customer.

On the way to achieving these goals is the introduction of modern technologies in the production process and therefore KOVACO at October 2010 the company launched its next CNC controlled machine. Actually it is the precision laser cutting of metal from TRUMPF - TruLaser 3030 Basic Edition.

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Products selection


    Large-volume bucket is used for bulk, light materials, e.g., corn, woodchips, etc.


    Very wide bucket, suitable for levelling and cleaning works, especially in ditches and its relevant banks, when stones and hard materials are absent. This bucket can slope 45° on both directions considering the axle of the arm. This allows to carry out perfect cleaning and levelling works along the banks, even with the arm out of the axle.


    Farm forks are ideal for handling bundled material, loose straw and manure. Use the forks separately or with a grapple.