Juraj Kovacic

Dear colleagues, partners,

KOVACO company was founded in 1991 on greenfield and today there is a modern, competitive company able to meet the most demanding requirements and customer wishes. For the entire period of operation of the company we have invested significant resources in to new technological devices that enable us to be flexible and produce products at high quality and at the highest international level. Our products have long ago exceeded not only the boundaries of Slovakia but also beyond Europe. When developing new products we adapt continuously to the customer, because he is our employer. Territory in Ve¾ká Lehota become very tight for company's further development and we decided to concentrate next investment in a new place, with direct motorway connection. The new premises give new opportunities. In the current globalization process we do not want to fall behind, we use this opportunity for stabilization and better appreciation of the values that we have ever created. On the way to sustainable development is modern and well organized manufacturing company as a guarantee of stability and prospects for employees and partners.

Ing. Juraj Kovaèiè
founder of the company 


Total company??s production area is 6500m2 and No. of employees is 70.

KOVACO, spol. s r.o. company is predominantly a manufacturer and supplier of devices in two main fields:

Attachments for construction machines

Welding positioners and manipulators


KOVACO Product Scope of Use 

KOVACO attachments ?? in conjunction with various types of working machines ?? allow taking advantage of their capacity mainly at excavation works, concrete production, removing snow from roads, sweeping, or handling any loads. They can be used in the construction industry, agriculture or municipal sector.

KOVACO welding positioners are used mainly at production of heavy and structurally complicated types of welding products, such as construction machine components, base frames of shaping machines, railway carriages and engines, etc. Some of our positioners have found use in foundries, assembly shops, or as part of production lines.



Products selection


    Low cost for production of concrete and manipulation ability in conection with machine predestinate this attachment for wide exercise in building industry.


    The cable winder is equipment determined for winding and unwinding of electric cables wound on a coil. The cable winder offers wide variety of use in telecommunications.


    Angle brush allows fast and efficient cleaning of path, routes, parking places or warehouses. You can remove dirt, dried mud, sand or snow without damaging pavement surfaces. The angle brush replaces manual labour and can clean small or large area with less effort and in less time.